NLP, TimeLine Therapy® & Hypnosis Practitioner Training

August 27-Sept 3, 2021 (Sunday, Aug 29th off) 
 Time: 10am-6pm MT  

Attend Kindra's Live NLP, Timeline Therapy, & Hypnosis Practitioner Training

 Learn how to unlock your mind and unleash your superpower in just 7 days!

Hi I'm Kindra Adair

NLP Trainer & Coach
Here's a sample of what we'll cover during this training!

  • Discover the answers inside as to what is holding              you back.
  • Unleash your self-confidence and full potential.
  • Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated.
  • Learn and implement the most innovative tools used       in personal growth coaching.
  • Learn how to release past negative emotions such            as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.
  • Understand the power of your unconscious mind               and how to use it to get not just what you need but         more importantly, what you truly want.
  • Learn how to completely change your self-                         perception which in turn causes numerous belief and       behavioral changes.
  • Learn how to create a more predictable life by                  putting you back in charge of your mind.
  • And much more…
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"If you are NOT ready for a life change, then DON’T talk to Kindra Adair! Kindra is very passionate, kind, caring, and a natural at changing people’s lives. I took Kindra’s NLP and Time Line Therapy class in January. I gained confidence, life skills, and resources, the list goes on, that have changed my life and my families.  I have also impacted those around me in a short amount of time.”

- Paula Moreno
"I can't even begin to list the way my life has changed since attending Kindra's NLP Practitioner Certification Training.  I have known Kindra for years and I was intrigued by the massive shift in her mental attitude and success so naturally I was drawn to sign up for her training.  NLP has done more for me personally, in my family and in my business than 5+years of Talk Therapy including EMDR, Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Energy Work.  I finished my training with Kindra feeling empowered to break down every barrier to my success, as well as getting off the "Not so merry"-go-round of negative patterns I had in my health, relationships and business.  Kindra continues to blow my mind with additional insight and resources.  She is invaluable to anyone who has goals that they yearn to reach."

-Emily Drolshagen

About Kindra Adair

Kindra Adair (aka The Natural RN) is an NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coach and trainer which has been another incredible avenue for holistic healing that has complemented her doTERRA business.

Kindra was so blown away with what she learned about NLP that she completed 3 levels of trainings in a matter of months. Consequently, she has seen amazing results in her personal life, relationships, as well as massive growth in her doTERRA essential oil business.. Because of her passion for teaching and coaching she decided to travel Australia for 3 weeks to become a certified NLP trainer.  

Kindra is a mother to 2 boys on earth and a perfect daughter in heaven. She is married to Marty who works doTERRA with her full time and has also been one of Kindra’s NLP students.
Don't miss this breakthrough training that will show you 
how to make lasting permanent change in your life!!!
Date: August 27-Sept 3
Time: 10AM-6PM MST


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